The project involves the provision of learning activities aimed at secondary school students on the topics of responsible food consumption, food waste and their relationship with sustainable development and the global right to food. These resources have been developed and delivered by a group of thematic experts along with the support of teachers.

In the second year of the project, Development Education in Primary School (peer-to-peer education), will be achieved by a selection of students of secondary schools, who particularly involved themselves in the previous year didactic modules. The aim of this activity is to spread the themes of food waste, personal responsible behaviors and their direct impact on global level among children (9/11 years old); working with pupils, it will be easy to prepare the field for a real change of behavior toward future generation.

At the same time, local entities of the territories involved take part in an awareness and good practice techniques project, which focus on the role that each of them can play in educating their citizens and promoting tangible actions against food waste.

Through the collaboration between Local Authority representatives and students from each territory involved, the ideas and proposals to reduce food waste have been presented during the “First European Youth Forum against food waste and for new responsible consumption models”, held in Milan at the end of October 2015 in the EXPO framework.