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The local campaign “Save food, love the world” presented by students in the Festival of Science and Philosophy

Students involved in the local campaign “Save food, love the world” participated to the showroom #experimenta, in the framework of the  Festival of Science and Philosophy! In the last weekend, from 28th to 30th April 2017, students fr
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NEW didactic modules on food waste and global right to food!

Thanks to the extension of the Project “DON’T WASTE OUR FUTURE!” until May 2017, new didactic modules on food waste and global right to food have been realized in Umbria. From January to March 2017, 135 new students participated t
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Cooking contest against food waste in Terni to spread the Campaign “Save food, love the world”

On 6th December 2016 students from High School “Casagrande-Cesi” of Terni, supported by teachers and by Chef Giorgione, testimonial of the Campaign “Save food, love the world” promoted by FELCOS Umbria, realized an event to sp
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Many media appearances for the Project “DON’T WASTE OUR FUTURE!” in Spain, thanks to the commitment of FAMSI

TV report on Canal Sur Noticias Noche “Antes de tirar pide tu tupper para llevar”, 06/11/2016 TV Reporto on Canal Sur 1 Noticias “No despedicies nuestro futuro”, 07/11/2016  
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The “Belgian Campaign Happening” is ready to start!

    The “Belgian Campaign Happening” will take place on 25 November 2016, during the European Week for Waste Reduction. This event, organised by ACR+ and Djapo, aims to raise awareness on the fight against food waste and for the right t

Intergenerational workshop on food waste in Alcalá la Real

“Taller intergeneracional de aprovechamiento de comida” Participantes: Alumnos del IES Alfonso XI con personas mayores de un centro de la tercera de edad del municipio de Alcalá la Real  0.- Sesiones de la actividad La actividad tuvo do

Peer Education modules in Spain!

Students of IES Alfonso XI realized the peer education modules in the CPR of Santa Ana
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Students spread the message of the Project “Don’t Waste Our Future!”

En el IES Carmen Laffón de San José de la Rinconada, los alumnos se han dedicado a visualizar videos sobre el no desperdicio de alimentos creando espacios de debate y sensibilización  y han repartido en las clases unas bolsitas portabocadillos/fr
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FPMCI launched the Communication Campaign on 5th October 2016

During the radio show "Zona Mista", the staff of FPMCI presented the Communication Campaign and spoke about food waste and global right to food
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On 17th May started the #NoSpreContest, led by FPMCI

  #NoSpreContest   It is May 17 when the #NoSpreContest starts: at 7.00 am the voting opens giving the public the opportunity to express its preference among 10 communication projects against food waste, designed by the secondary school stu