Le projet repose sur le partenariat de 7 pays (Italie, Espagne, Portugal, Chypre, Belgique, France et Ecosse-Royaume-Uni) et de 9 territoires, car l’Italie rassemblera ici trois régions (Ombrie, Toscane et Lombardie) impliquées dans le projet.

Les participants sont tous des associations d’autorités locales, ou des autorités locales, ou encore des acteurs associatifs ou non étatiques.

FELCOS Umbria is a non-profit association born in 2007 and composed of Local Authorities, private and public actors and other associative bodies located in Umbria Region territory. FELCOS Umbria is a net dealing with the promotion of human sustainable development through the implementation of local and international projects and the building of relations and partnership inside and among territories.

Concretely, at a global level, FELCOS achieves international cooperation projects to support local sustainable development of other countries, in the framework of territorial partnership based and constructed upon the common interests of human development, counting on the local dimension as the driving force of a responsible and fair growth.In Umbria Region, FELCOS Umbria carries on awareness campaigns and global citizenship education in schools and society, information and education initiatives regarding LAs, European planning, fund-raising, …

It also promotes initiatives aiming at the development of governance good practices, of participation, inclusion, integration and sustainable development activities.

FELCOS Umbria cooperate with national government authorities, with international organizations, with UE and the widest human development support strategies promoted by United Nations, such as UNDP ART.