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"Towards a global commitment for food waste reduction and the right to food"

20/04/2017 at 9:00 - 16:00

This conference will be an opportunity to present the results of the DWOF project on education to the fight against food waste and for the global right to food in 7 European countries. A special focus will be given to public policies on food waste reduction, especially towards schools and educational programmes, and the wider topic of sustainable food systems at local level will also be addressed.

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Join our battle for global right to food and against food waste! Become an agent of change signing the Charter "DON'T WASTE OUR FUTURE!" and following our initiatives all around E
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The Global Action for the World Food Day reached more than 180k people around Europe!

Thanks to the participation of all the partners of the Project, the Thunderclap organized for the Global Food Day has been read by 181.225 people in Europe!
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